Owner Shawn Matthews was shocked with the quality of mulch products on the market. After researching, he discovered that many of the products being sold as mulch had been 2x4s and old pallets just days before. Pallets and basic framework boards, like 2x4s are made from cheap pine, and pine gives off a pheromone that attracts ants and other nesting bugs and should not be placed around your home. Even worse, it also splinters easily leaving sharp shards in your mulch beds.

When selecting mulch, only aged hardwood should be used. At 815 MULCH IT we have made educating customers part of our goal. We have found that aged hardwood mulch last longer, looks better and truly enhances the home. The bottom line: If you don't want mulch that will attract bugs and rot, avoid pine mulch and stick with aged hardwood.


  • What Kinds of Mulch Do You Have?

    We craft high-quality natural and color enhanced hardwood mulch which are all 100% environmentally safe, as well as pet friendly. We offer different size consistencies as well.

  • How many yards can your truck hold?

    We get this question often. We can delivery any amount and more yardage will not affect delivery price. Our smaller trucks hold up to 12 and our larger trucks can haul up to 80 yards.

  • How thick should I install mulch?

    This a tricky question, because we don’t know what shape your landscape beds are in. If you are adding mulch on top of existing mulch you can put it 1-1 ½ “thick (total sq. ft. divided by 170) . If you are down to dirt in most spots, you will want to install the mulch at a thickness of 2 1/2” (total sq. ft. divided by 120) Avoid putting mulch thicker than 3” thick. If the mulch is too thick it will absorb too much of the moisture provided by the rain and your plants will be shorted the moisture they need. It is better to put a thin coat of mulch down every year than to put it down heavy every 3 years.

  • How many yards should I buy?

    Determining how many yards of mulch you need can be tricky, So, we have made it as easy as possible for you. All you need to is get the length and width in feet of your landscape beds, and plug them into our mulch calculator.

  • Is the dyed mulch safe for my family and pets?

    No Problem with this one. All the dyes are 100% safe for pets and children. Most of the dyes are made from natural organic extracts. However, since dye is used, we do not recommend keeping colored mulch sitting on concrete since clean up will be necessary, or a good cleaning service used if the mulch sits too long. This is why we recommend using a plastic tarp wherever you have colored mulch stored.

  • How long will the mulch last?

    If you are mulching for the first time or are down to dirt, your mulch will biodegrade faster. Re-mulching the next year would be advised. You will need about 2/3rds of what you put down the first year. The first coat will act much like primer on a new wall. Consider it the base coat. If you put mulch down at 2½-3” you will need to re-mulch every other year. If you go 1-1 ½ “you should refresh every year.

  • How Soon Can I Get Delivery?

    Most deliveries can be set up for the next day, with some exceptions for same day delivery. However, the weekends can book up so it's best to call a few days ahead.

  • What Types of Payment Do You Have?

    We Accept Credit Cards, Checks and Cash.


    Measure the area where mulch is needed, and use out mulch calculator to determine how many cubic yards you will need.


    We will deliver your order to your home or business. Please specify which area you want the mulch to be off loaded.

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815 Mulch It has grown to be one of the most distinct and highest quality mulch providers in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago and parts of Northwest Indiana.

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