After being disappointed with the products being sold as mulch, a New Lenox business was born. 815 Mulch It delivers high quality mulch throughout the greater Chicago-land area. We are proud to be serving from Naperville to Kankakee, Palos Heights to Plainfield and everywhere in between.
You will notice that a lot of the time our prices are cheaper than most places. That is because you are buying your mulch straight from where it is made! Why buy your mulch from a landscape supply company who buys it in from who knows where? At 815 MULCH IT you're getting the best quality mulch at the best price without the middleman. We welcome you to come to our location in New Lenox and see our process and our mulch in person! At 815 MULCH IT, we:

  • Provide the best quality much at the best prices
  • Only use natural high-quality hardwoods
  • Unlike our competitors, we NEVER use old construction materials such as 2x4s
  • Use only 100% Pet Safe material on all of our mulch products
  • We believe an educated customer is our best client and best advertising

    Measure the area where mulch is needed and use our mulch calculator to determine how many cubic yards you will need.


    Call us at 815-MULCH-IT (815-685-2448) or order online using our secured Square Store eCommerce platform.


    We will deliver your order to your home or business. Please specify which area you want the mulch to be off loaded.


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  • Satisfied Mulch Customers

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Owner Shawn Matthews was shocked with the quality of mulch products on the market. After researching, he discovered that many of the products being sold as mulch had been 2x4s and old pallets just days before. Pallets and basic framework boards, like 2x4s are made from cheap pine, and pine gives off a pheromone that attracts ants and other nesting bugs and should not be placed around your home. Even worse, it also splinters easily leaving sharp shards in your mulch beds.

When selecting mulch, only aged hardwood should be used. At 815 MULCH IT we have made educating customers our goal. We have found that aged hardwood mulch last longer, looks better and truly enhances the home. Our goal is to get that information to anyone who is shopping for mulch. The bottom line: If you don't want mulch that will attract bugs and rot, avoid pine mulch and stick with aged hardwood.

The coloring of mulch has grown in popularity over the past years. We make our colored mulch from only aged hardwood. All of our dyes are produced from environmentally safe, all natural color enhancer's. These products are 100% safe for your children, pets, plants and even along streams. The positives of these products is the longer lasting color. The mulch will still biodegrade at the same rate as our premium hardwoods, but hold the color for much longer.

We recommend placing a tarp on the driveway where your colored mulch will be placed.


Interested in knowing what we're all about? Watch our video to get a glimpse in to how and where our mulch is crafted. We invite you to come to New Lenox and see our facilities first hand. You'll understand what we mean when we say. "815 Mulch It, Experience the Difference."

About 815 Mulch It

815 Mulch It has grown to be one of the most distinct and highest quality mulch providers in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago and parts of Northwest Indiana.

Mulch Selections
  • Premium Bark Mulch
  • Triple Ground Color Enhanced
  • Organic Double Ground Hardwood
  • Double Ground Dark Brown Color Enhanced
  • Red Color Enhanced
  • Black Color Enhanced
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