Do you need to know how much mulch you need for your home or landscaping project in cubic yards? Use this slider calculator to fill in the total approximate length and width of the area you require to fill with mulch. It will calculate the total amount of mulch you need in Cubic Yards. We use an average industry dept for mulch, so if you like your mulch project to be a little deeper than average, just add a little more to your order as you see fit. Please keep in mind. Our minimum delivery is 3 Yards.

Cubic Yards needed when ordering

About 815 Mulch It

815 Mulch It has grown to be one of the most distinct and highest quality mulch providers in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago and parts of Northwest Indiana.

Mulch Selections
  • Premium Bark Mulch
  • Triple Ground Color Enhanced
  • Organic Double Ground Hardwood
  • Double Ground Dark Brown Color Enhanced
  • Red Color Enhanced
  • Black Color Enhanced
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