Our Premium Mulches

When selecting mulch for your project, only aged hardwood should be used. Aged hardwood mulch last much longer, looks better and truly enhances your home when compared to mulch from recycled material such as pallets or home construction debris.

The coloring of mulch has grown in popularity over the past years. All of our dyes are produced from environmentally safe, all natural color enhancement materials. All products are 100% safe for your children, pets, plants and even along streams.

The positives of these products is the longer lasting color. The mulch will still biodegrade at the same rate as our premium hardwoods, but hold the color for at least 8-12 months longer.

One common misconception is that heavier, coarser mulch will erode less than finely ground mulch. This is not the case. If you've got a high-erosion area, your best bet is to use a triple ground mulch.

Our mulch is made only from the finest aged hardwoods, and all of our varieties of mulch are listed below.

Triple Ground Hardwood

Premium Bark Mulch

This is a rich brown mulch made from the bark of hardwood trees. This type of mulch behaves differently than mulch made from the wood of these trees. It lays flatter and locks together. This is excellent for erosion areas. The size of the mulch ranges from a pen cap to coffee grounds.

Pet Friendly Mulch
Triple Ground Blended Hardwood

Triple Ground Colored Enhanced Hardwood Fines

This finely ground hardwood mulch has becoming one of our best sellers. It lays flat, stays put, and retains its dark brown color better than any mulch we have used. I personally have this mulch around my home and couldn't be happier with it.

Pet Friendly Mulch
Organic Double Ground Hardwood Mulch

Organic Double Ground Hardwood

This is a naturally aged brown hardwood mulch. It contains no dyes or treatments. This mulch is used by villages, schools, and homeowners; and the low price makes it a great value! The sizes of this mulch range from a golf pencil to fines. This is a great choice for weed suppression.

Pet Friendly Mulch
Brown Mulch

Double Ground Dark Brown Color Enhanced

This is our best seller! The 100% environmentally safe and pet friendly dark brown color adds new life to faded mulch beds and landscaping. It is great for weed suppression and maintaining moisture in the soil.

Pet Friendly Mulch
Red Colored Recycled Colored Mulch

Red Hardwood Mulch

We make our red mulch using hardwood so it has a darker richer red, which we take pride in and we think you will too.

Pet Friendly Mulch
Black Color Enhanced Hardwood Mulch

Black Hardwood Mulch

Black enhanced mulch seems to be popular in the eastern U.S. but is gaining popularity as it creeps into the central states. Try this mulch if you would like a distinct look, different from everyone else. Our Black Double Ground much has the same unique consistency as or organic Dark Brown and Red mulches and lays very nicely in your landscape beds.

Pet Friendly Mulch