Mulch FAQ

Below are our list of frequently asked questions. Most questions you have about mulch are addressed here, but don't hesitate to call us if you still have questions.

What Kinds of Mulch Do You Have?

We can get any mulch you desire, but we stock high quality natural and colored enhanced hardwood mulches which are 100% environmentally safe, as well as pet friendly.

Does your mulch mold?

Yes, all hardwood mulches will mold when the elements are right, it’s natural. The mold comes from a high content of moisture from rain or sprinklers. When you add heat from the sun the mold grows and usually comes to the surface during the dark of night. These are the 3 elements for any mold to grow. The mold is harmless yet can be treated with any spray on fungicide.

How many yards can your truck hold?

We get this question often. We can delivery any amount and more yardage will not affect delivery price. Our smaller trucks hold up to 12 and our larger trucks can haul up to 80 yards.

How thick should I install mulch?

This a tricky question, because we don’t know what shape your landscape beds are in. If you are adding mulch on top of existing mulch you can put it 1-1 ½ “thick (total sq. ft. divided by 170) . If you are down to dirt in most spots, you will want to install the mulch at a thickness of 2 1/2” (total sq. ft. divided by 120) Avoid putting mulch thicker than 3” thick. If the mulch is too thick it will absorb too much of the moisture provided by the rain and your plants will be shorted the moisture they need. It is better to put a thin coat of mulch down every year than to put it down heavy every 3 years.

How many yards should I buy?

If you are "Re mulching" You measure the beds, multiplying the length X the width of your landscape beds (tip: just round it up to the nearest foot. Don't go by inches.) Add up the totals and divide that number by 120. The number you end up with is the amount of cubic yards you need to order. This should give you a spreading depth of 2 1/2" to 3". If you are installing mulch on a new landscape bed, you will want to add a bit more as the thickness should increase to 3" to 4". If you'd rather not do the math, use our Online Mulch Calculator. Just input the length and width of your beds and we'll do the math for you! Try it now! We will keep records of your last order and can tell you what you used the last time. Whether that was enough or too little is for you to remember.

Is the dyed mulch safe for my family and pets?

No Problem with this one. All the dyes are 100% safe for pets and children. Most of the dyes are made from natural organic extracts. However, since dye is used, we do not recommend keeping colored mulch sitting on concrete since clean up will be necessary, or a good cleaning service used if the mulch sits too long. This is why we recommend using a plastic tarp wherever you have colored mulch stored.

Is your mulch made from construction wood or pine 2x4’s?

No! While there is a place for all kinds of mulch, your home is not the place for the recycled construction debris. Most construction wood is made from pine or treated lumber. Pine is an attractant to most bugs and destructive termites. Treated lumber is treated with non-organic harmful chemicals.

How long will the mulch last?

If you are mulching for the first time or are down to dirt, your mulch will biodegrade faster. Re-mulching the next year would be advised. You will need about 2/3rds of what you put down the first year. The first coat will act much like primer on a new wall. Consider it the base coat. If you put mulch down at 3” you will need to re-mulch every other year. If you go 1-1 ½ “you should refresh every year.

How Soon Can I Get Delivery?

Most deliveries can be set up for the next day. However, the weekends can book up so it's best to call a few days ahead.

What Types of Payment Do You Have?

We Accept Credit Cards, Checks and Cash.


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